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5 types of relationship partners you should avoid | The Times of India

Love is a beautiful, inexplicable feeling. When you date someone you’re interested in and slowly, start to fall in love, it can feel so wholesome and comforting. When you appreciate someone’s actions or opinions, you start liking them a bit and with time, your feelings start to grow, giving you the hint that maybe you should date them. After all, isn’t it worth a try? However, often things go wrong and within time, you slowly get to know a different side to a person. There are several warning signs or red flags that you may have noticed but unknowingly chose to ignore. This may lead to a toxic relationship. Do not make that mistake as it can cost you further down the line. We have rounded up 5 types of partners that you should immediately separate from or avoid. Source link
Health and Lifestyle

3 cool ways to wear a sari like Samantha Akkineni | The Times of India

Samantha Akkineni (Ruth Prabhu) is one of the most popular names in the Telugu and Tamil movie industry. Apart from being a successful actress, she was also seen walking on the ramp for several designers as a model as well as a show-stopper in the pre-COVID times. On her social media platforms, Samantha has emerged as a fashionista, who actively posts her stylish looks. From ethnic, indo-western to the western outfits, she can pull off anything with panache. Here's a look at three of her looks that have become iconic. Source link
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Can a big breakfast and a small dinner help you lose weight? | The Times of India

Both the groups lost weight, however, the people who ate a large breakfast lost more weight and lost more inches from their waists as compared to the group who ate a large dinner.But wait before you start planning a heavy breakfast. This study was conducted only for 12 weeks and the number of people involved was less. The scientists looked only at the women with metabolic syndrome and not women who just wanted to lose weight. Moreover, eating only 1400 calories will in all probability lead to weight loss as it's much less than what people usually consume.Before we start following this diet pattern, we need to understand that for the study, everything was controlled but that is tough to follow in real life.Have more fruits, green vegetables and remember skipping meals is never a healthy ...
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Here’s what your zodiac sign says about your parenting style | The Times of India

Being a parent is a task, but it is also one of the greatest joys of life. While you may have had a rough time handling your parental duties and/or feeling guilty about not being able to live up to your child’s expectations, it is completely okay to cut yourself some slacks. Besides that, how you are as a parent has a lot to do with the kind of person you are in general. That being said, whether you’re someone who is effortless in taking care of children or has serious breakdowns while being a parent, much can be revealed with the help of astrology. Your fateful stars can tell you a lot about the personality you have and the kind of approach you have towards looking after your kids. So, here’s all you need to know about what your zodiac sign says about your parenting methods. Source ...
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5 things you should NEVER be guilty of asking your manager | The Times of India

Let’s face it. No matter how confident we may seem, our throats suddenly seem to dry up in front of our bosses. If we have something to say about the work culture, the extra work pressure etc. most of us can’t communicate clearly with the superiors at work. A feeling of guilt always creeps in, no matter what. But, you’re probably wondering why should you even feel guilty about it? Well, truth be told, workplaces have created an environment that almost forces all employees to succumb to the immense work pressure to be maintained at all times. Due to this, many countries’ workforce experiences severe burnouts issues and this does affect the overall productivity of the region. COVID-19 has severely impacted the work culture and has forced people to stress and work extra at their jobs. Surv...
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Zodiac signs who are good at managing money | The Times of India

We all love to spend money, whether it’s on accessories, food, clothes or practically anything you like. Money is one of the most important resources you need to survive in the world. It is the base of all economic decisions and personal ones as well. While some of us spend more, others like to save for any future plans. Money management is a necessary, lifelong skill that every person ought to learn. Often it is said that zodiac signs influence the way we spend our money on various things. Even in abundance, one must learn to manage their money proficiently. So we have rounded up the 5 zodiac signs who are good with managing money. Source link
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Navratri 2020: Lose weight naturally while you fast this Navratri with these 5 easy tips | The Times of India

Navratri is considered to be one of the most important festivals in India. During this nine-day festival, many people fast for nine days to detox their bodies. But many a times people make the mistake of turning this fasting phase into a feasting one, which defeats the whole idea.So, if you are planning to fast this Navratri to get maximum benefits, we have got you covered. Not just this, if followed properly, the nine-day fasting can help you lose those extra kilos and make you look fab for the upcoming festive season. Fasting is considered a great way to lose weight. In fact, fasting is more natural than eating 4 meals a day.Here are 5 diet tips for Navratri fasting that will help you shed those extra kilos: Source link
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6 ways to make your manicure last longer | The Times of India

Filing helps to smoothen the edges of the nails and keeps nail breakage at bay. Use a filer to even out the shape of your nails to make them last longer. Start by gently running the file across your nail in one direction, beginning at the outer edge, and making your way towards the centre, into a shape that resembles your cuticles. This helps to even out your nails smoothly and prevent overfilling. Source link

कोरोना से रिकवर कर तमन्ना भाटिया कर रही हैं एक्सरसाइज, सामने आया वीडियो

बॉलीवुड और दक्षिण भारतीय फिल्म इंडस्ट्री की अभिनेत्री तमन्ना भाटिया इन दुनों अपनी सेहत पर काफी ध्यान दे रहीं हैं. वह हाल ही में कोरोना वायरस से ठीक होकर घर वापस आईं हैं. Source link