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Exam Tips: Focus on long-form questions, schools tell board aspirants – Times of India

KOLKATA: Ten days after reopening the campuses for in-person classes, schools have begun holding counselling sessions for the Board aspirants to bring back their competitive attitude and improve their concentration to appear for long pen and paper examinations — a habit that has been lost in the last one year due to the virtual classes.

At Birla Bharati School, principal Apala Dutta has received letters from parents expressing concerns about exam phobia among their wards.

Principal of Ram Mohan Mission School, Sujoy Biswas, said there is immense pressure on the students returning to school and readying for the pen and paper examinations after a year.

“In a pen and paper exam, students have to return to the exact question and alter answer they may have written. This takes more time and also increases the chances of making error in comparison to an online exam,” Biswas said.

The decision of pen and paper examination has also made T H Ireland, principal of St James School, arrange for counselling of Board aspirants.

“Students have to start focusing on how to retain concentration and increase their agility. The sessions are aimed at giving them confidence to restart pen and paper examinations,” said Ireland.

“My daughter will be taking the CBSE Class-XII board exams. The school is holding session to bring back concentration among the students,” said a guardian, Sunita Agarwal.

Krishna Damani, spokesperson of South Point School, said that the students are appearing in preparation tests that will help them take the pen and paper exams.

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