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Day: January 1, 2021


Car industry wraps up tough 2020 on a high – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The car industry wrapped up one of its toughest year to date, closing 2020 with positive numbers in December, indicating that consumers have been buying cars despite the pressures on economy and jobs due to coronavirus vagaries. Car companies were the worst hit when the coronavirus spread started surfacing around the middle of March 2020. Just like other industries, sales here too slipped to zero in April, and remained tough to come by in the subsequent months. However, as personal mobility started gaining traction due to social distancing and fears around corona spread, the buyers started coming back, leading to a growth in numbers towards the end of the year when the festive season kicked in. The industry is still not clear on whether the growth is sustainable, and has been...

Budget to set course for economic pick up after Covid carnage – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Indian economy is now expected to see a faster turnaround given the impending rollout of vaccine, increased mobility and less disruptions to business operations as the economy opens up but a lot will also depend on the upcoming Budget for 2021-22 to steer its course. India, which had in 2019 overtaken the UK to become the fifth-largest economy in the world, was knocked off course somewhat due to the carnage that the pandemic and the ensuing strict lockdown unleashed -- businesses were shut, consumption slumped, investments took a hit and jobs were lost. The combined effect being that the economy got relegated to the sixth spot in 2020. The Budget for the next fiscal starting April 2021 that finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present a month from now will be the starting...

US Passes 20 Million Coronavirus Cases

More than 125,000 people are currently hospitalized with coronavirus (File)Washington, United States: The United States has recorded more than 20 million cases of Covid-19, Johns Hopkins University said Friday in its real-time tally, as the New Year brought another grim milestone underlining the country's struggle to quell the virus.The US has so far registered 20,007,149 cases and 346,408 deaths in the pandemic, the Baltimore-based university said, making it the country with by far the highest official number of cases and the highest death count.On Wednesday alone, more than 3,900 people died of Covid-19 in the US, a new daily record, and experts believe the worst is yet to come as health care workers brace for a surge in cases and deaths after holiday gatherings.More than 125,000 peop...

Three Sites Selected For Covid Vaccination Dry Run In Delhi

Arrangements are being made at a Delhi government hospital for storing the vaccine (Representational)New Delhi: Three sites across the national capital have been selected for conducting a dry run for COVID-19 vaccination on Saturday, officials said.The activity is set to be conducted by all state and union territory administrations on January 2 to test the linkages between planning and implementation and to identify the challenges, the Centre had said on Thursday."Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Shahdara; Urban Primary Health Centre, Daryaganj; and Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka are the three sites in Delhi which have been selected for the dry run tomorrow to gear up for the roll out of COVID-19 vaccine in the national capital," a senior official said.A video conference was held under the cha...

ब्रेन के लिए घातक है कोरोना, याददाश्त को भी करता है प्रभावित, जानिए और किन चीजों पर करता है असर

अमेरिका के नेशनल इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ हेल्थ के शोधकर्ताओं ने अपनी स्टडी में इस बात पर गौर किया और कोरोना से दम तोड़ने वाले रोगियों के ब्रेन टिश्यू नमूनों पर अध्ययन किया. Source link

Only AAP Can Take Punjab On Path Of Progress: Party MLA Raghav Chadha

People of Punjab know that AAP brought development in Delhi, Raghav Chadha said (File)Amritsar: Only the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) can take Punjab on the path of progress and it will form the government in the state with a "landslide victory" in the 2022 assembly elections, party leader Raghav Chadha said on Friday.Addressing a press conference, Mr Chadha, who is the AAP's Punjab co-in-charge, alleged that the state had been "looted" by the Akali Dal-BJP and the Congress governments."Now the people of Punjab have made up their minds that only one party can take Punjab on the path of progress, and this time they will form a government of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)," he said.The Congress is in power in the state.Raghav Chadha said that before the previous state assembly polls, the Congress had...

BSF To Train 2 Indian Dog Breeds For Border Patrolling

Two Indian dogs breed, Rajapalaya and Mudhol, are being trained for use on a trial basisShillong: The Border Security Force (BSF) in Shillong has decided to train two Indian dog breeds for patrolling in the border areas, and if the experiment is successful, it would deploy some more breeds.Two Indian dogs breed, Rajapalaya and Mudhol, are being trained for use on a trial basis at present."We currently have two breeds of Indian dogs, Rajapalayam and Mudhol which we are training to use on a trial basis," said senior veterinarian of BSF Meghalaya."As soon as the training will be completed, these dogs will be introduced to the field for patrolling activities at the border area," he added.The senior veterinarian said that if the trial will be successful, other Indian dog breeds will also be ...

Napoli Striker Victor Osimhen Tests Positive For Coronavirus | Football News

Victor Osimhen has been out with injury since November.© Instagram Nigeria striker Victor Osimhen has tested positive for coronavirus on his return to Italy, his Serie A club Napoli confirmed on Friday. The 21-year-old has been sidelined since last November after dislocating his shoulder while representing Nigeria in the Africa Cup of Nations. The former Lille player tested positive for Covid-19, on his retur...

“Grave Violation”: Court On Kangana Ranaut Merging Her Mumbai Flats

Court has given Kangana Ranaut six weeks to approach Bombay High Court against the orderMumbai: Actor Kangana Ranaut violated the sanctioned plan while merging her three flats, a civil court has remarked while rejecting her plea seeking to restrain the Mumbai civic body from demolishing the unauthorized construction.A court in suburban Dindoshi dismissed an application filed by Ms Ranaut last week. The detailed order became available on Thursday.Judge L S Chavan noted in the order that Ms Ranaut, who owns three flats on the fifth floor of a 16-storey building in Khar area of the city, merged them into one.In doing so, she covered the sunk area, duct area, common passage and converted free Floor Space Index (FSI) into habitable area, the judge observed."These are grave violation of the s...

नए साल पर ग्लोबल लीडर्स का मैसेज: मोदी से लेकर ट्रम्प, सचिन से लेकर बिल गेट्स तक, जानिए नए साल पर किसने क्या कहा?

Ads से है परेशान? बिना Ads खबरों के लिए इनस्टॉल करें दैनिक भास्कर ऐपनई दिल्ली20 मिनट पहलेकॉपी लिंक2020 की शुरूआत में पूरी दुनिया को उम्मीद थी कि ये साल 2019 से भी बेहतर होगा। लोगों की जिंदगी में खुशियां आएंगी। हर कोई तरक्की करेगा। दुनियाभर में शांति कायम होगी, लेकिन हुआ, ठीक इसके उलट।कोरोनावायरस ने पूरी दुनिया को बुरे दौर में लाकर खड़ा कर दिया। लाखों लोगों की जान चली गई। करोड़ों लोग संक्रमित हुए। ठीक हुए भी तो अब मानसिक तनाव झेल रहे। अरबों लोगों की नौकरियां चली गईं। कुल मिलाकर साल 2020 सबसे बुरा दौर बन गया। ये बुरा दौर खत्म होने वाला है।नया साल यानी 2021 आ चुका है और अपने साथ लाया है नई उम्मीदें। पूरी दुनिया भी यही कह रही है। नए साल पर ग्लोबल लीडर्स का मैसेज भी हर किसी की उम्मीदों को नई राह दिखा रहा है। जानिए अलग-अलग क्षेत्र के ग्लोबल लीडर्स ने क्या मैसेज दिया... Source link ...